Why choose a private guide?

March 25, 2020

Stefan private guide in Iceland

Eight reasons why you should hire a private driver guide

Private tours are for anyone who wants to make the most of their precious holiday time in Iceland. Private tours are perfect for business individuals who have a break in their busy schedule.They are ideal for couples, families with or without children, student groups, work colleagues and VIPs.


  1. You can arrange the trip exactly the way you want

Private guides are happy to add and remove sights and/or stops totally based on your wishes and requirements. If you don‘t want to visit all the museums in Reykjavik then you don‘t have to. If you prefer starting the day early to miss the crowds at some of the popular sites it is easy to do. If you‘d like to skip lunch we‘ll use the time to shorten the trip or add a visit to another attraction.

  1. Private guides offer great value for money

Small groups benefit the most from a private guide. Private guides may depending on the size of the group beat the regular day tour prices offered by big bus tour operators.

  1. Respond to emergencies

When something unexpected such as a medical emergency occurs it is very useful to have private guide. Private guides are flexible and will make a detour should someone fall ill or have an accident. When traveling with children this is especially important.

  1. Stop when you‘re hungry

Getting hungry and not knowing where to go? Private guides will stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner or snacks when you‘re hungry as you are not restricted to a tight schedule like the big bus companies.

  1. Often the most experienced guides

More than likely private guides have worked for multiple companies in various situations before they become private guides.

  1. Are there when you think of a question

You’ll get much more attention and time from a private guide than you would get on a big bus tour. This is especially important for knowledge thirsty people and children who tend to ask questions at random and need to be answered right away.

  1. Won’t be answering other people’s  questions

Private guides are there for you and answer your questions. No need to listen to other people‘s questions and the guide‘s reply to them.

  1. Bring the local culture to life

Usually private guides are local people from the area or country you‘re visiting. They love showing people around their city and country and to introduce their culture, way of life and other things you can only learn from a local.

Of course there are many more reasons why to hire a private driver guide. Please contact Stefan Guide in Iceland if you’d like to visit Iceland.

By Stefan

Stefan is a professional guide in Iceland. He's been guiding visitors since 1988 and still loves his job! Professional general guide, hiking guide, incentive guide. National park ranger. Teacher and lecturer and former head of the Iceland Tourist Guide School. Seven univerisity degrees.

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