The best place to see the northern lights

Where is the best place to see the northern lights? Iceland is the best place to see the northern lights. If you can, hire a professional tourist guide to maximize your chances to see the northern lights. Several reasons exist to support the claim that Iceland is the best place to see the northern lights. Northern lights exist only in […]

Why choose a private guide?

Eight reasons why you should hire a private driver guide Private tours are for anyone who wants to make the most of their precious holiday time in Iceland. Private tours are perfect for business individuals who have a break in their busy schedule.They are ideal for couples, families with or without children, student groups, work colleagues and VIPs.   You […]

Local Icelandic Food

    Icelandic food is fantastic – for the locals. For the foreign visitor it is perhaps not so good to eat. How about this menu. Singed sheep’s head, sour ram’s testicles, horse meat, puffin breasts, seal flippers, putrefied eggs and sheep brawn? Fortunately there’s plenty of other local delicacies to choose from such as lamb and various kinds of […]

Northern Lights in Iceland

“The northern lights are elusive but we always do our best to show them to our visitors”, says Stefan Helgi Valsson tourist guide in Iceland. “The lights can only be seen in winter from about 15 September until 15 April because it is simply too light all day and all night in summer. I regularly get asked if it is […]

Elves in Iceland

Do you believe in elves? A most people in Iceland believe in elves according to research conducted by Dr. Terry Gunnell at the University of Iceland. A small part of the sample in the study said they did not believe in elves while most of the subjects in the study said they either believed in the elves or did not […]

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