Golden Circle – a must do tour in Iceland!

Golden Circle – a must do tour in Iceland!


Depart Reykjavik in the morning for the Parliament Plains National Park, Iceland’s most historical place. From here, you will continue on to the Geysir geothermal area – famous for its spouting spring – before exploring the Gullfoss (Golden Falls), Iceland’s most famous waterfall. Your return journey back to Reykjavik will take you to the birch woodland and lava fields.

For those in a hurry – the Private Golden Circle route can be done in 4 hours. However, please note, it takes 3 hours to drive the distance – 250 km (150 miles) under even the best road conditions, while keeping to the speed limit. This tour, with a competent guide, is worth more than four hours of your time spent in Iceland.

Private tour price depends on the size of the vehicle used. The price is per group, NOT per person.

  • 6.5 hours (recommended time)
  • US$ 1270 (1-4 persons)
  • US$ 1365 (5-14 persons)
  • US$ 1460 (15-19/23 persons)
  • If there’s more in your group, please ask.

It is very easy to add one or more optional activities or places to the standard Golden Circle tour…the longer the tour the lower the hourly rate.

  • Fontana Spa (1.5 hours)
  • Secret Lagoon Spa (2 hours)
  • Blue lagoon Spa (4 hours)
  • Horse riding (3 hours)
  • Snowmobiling (4 hours)
  • Special lunch in a tomato greenhouse (1 hour)
  • Lunch at tomato greenhouse and horse show (2 hours)
  • Hike in Reykjadalur valley and soak in a warm river (4 hours)
  • Game of Thrones film sites such as the Bloody Gate, Battle ground of the Hound vs. Bryanne of Tarth, Dragon torches a flock of goats, Arya rides an Icelandic horse on her way to the port where she would catch a lift to Bravos. Wildling village raid where Ollie’s parents were killed by the Thenns.

Please ask for details.

Mercedes Benz private tours in Iceland
Golden circle route – Mercedes Benz Sprinter 23 seats. For smaller groups I use a smaller vehicle such as VW 4×4 Amarok, Toyota Pro Ace Verso or a Ford Econoline.



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