Ice-cave tours

Natural ice cave in Iceland

Private tour& Ice cave visit

There are at least 7 kinds of caves in Iceland, i.e. tubular lava caves, crater vent caves, sea cliff caves, man-made caves made into palagonite tuff, man-made ice tunnel and the most popular – the natural blue ice caves. There are two kinds of natural ice caves, i.e. the blue kind and the not so blue kind.

It is important to distinguish between the different kinds of caves before your visit because you might be disappointed not to see the blue color in a man-made ice tunnel for example even if the trip to the man-made ice tunnel is wonderful.

We offer tours to the following types of caves…

Ice caves Iceland
Blue ice cave – the most popular – available in winter
  • Natural blue ice caves – most popular but normally only available in winter.
  • Natural but somewhat dark and dirty ice caves – available all year.
  • Man-made ice tunnel – available all year.
  • Crater cave – available in summer.
  • Natural tubular lava caves – available all year.
  • Man-made caves into palagonite tuff soft rock.
  • Sea caves – available all year.  
  • Please note that you’ll have a private driver/guide and vehicle the whole time but when inside the caves you will most likely be with other people unless arranged beforehand.
Sea cave Iceland
Natural sea cave south coast
Man-made Ice tunnel in Iceland
Man-made Ice tunnel
Natural ice cave
Natural ice cave – dirty dark kind – available all year
Volcanic crater cave
Crater cave 700 foot deep inside 4000 year old lava.

If you’d like to visit a cave during your stay in Iceland then please request this when you contact me. I’ll then work it into a logical itinerary for you which will include many other natural wonders in Iceland.



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