Golden Circle – a must do tour in Iceland!


Depart Reykjavik in the morning for the Parliament Plains National Park, Iceland's most historical place. From here, you will continue on to the Geysir geothermal area - famous for its spouting spring - before exploring the Gulfoss (Golden Falls), Iceland's most famous waterfall. Your return journey back to Reykjavik will take you to the birch woodland and lava fields.

For those in a hurry - the Golden Circle can be done in 4 hours. However, please note, it takes 3 hours to drive the distance - 250 km (150 miles) under even the best road conditions, while keeping to the speed limit. This tour, with a competent guide, is worth more than four hours of your time spent in Iceland.

  • 6.5 hours (recommended time)
  • US$ 1270 (1-4 persons)
  • US$ 1365 (5-14 persons)
  • US$ 1460 (15-20 person)
  • If you have a larger group, please ask.

It is very easy to add one of our City, Blue Lagoon, or South Coast tours on to the beginning or end of your Golden circle tour. The hourly rate is much lower when hours are added to an existing tour. Please ask for more details.


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