Segway Tours

Stefan offers scheduled and private tours of Reykjavík by Segway.

A Segway machine is a two-wheel personal transporter powered by two 1000 watt motors. The machine balances using three gyros and is remarkably stable. Everyone gets basic training before the tour starts. It is a very special feeling to stand on a Segway for the first time, especially because the brain tells people this two-wheeled machine shouldn't balance. However, after a few minutes of training you'll feel confident and you'll enjoy the ride.

  • Original i2 - second generation - Segway machines
  • Tours typically last 2 hours, but the time on PRIVATE TOURS can be adjusted according to wishes.

The route may include but is not limited to the north coast of Reykjavík peninsula, Hofdi House (where Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev met in October 1986) the botanical gardens, original hot springs in Reykjavík, football stadium, hockey stadium, swimming pool, indoor track and field hall, city centre and city lake.

Join me on a private or scheduled Segway tour of Reykjavík, it's a lot of fun!

Scheduled tours start at 13:00 most days (during the summer months) and cost US$ 130 per person.


  • 1 person US$ 340
  • 2 persons US$ 340
  • 3 persons US$ 440
  • 4 persons US$ 520
  • 5 persons US$ 650
  • 6 persons US$ 780
Authorized Segway Tours Reykjavik Iceland
Authorized Segway Tours Reykjavík Iceland








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